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Commissions are OPEN

Things will be going different than I have done in the past, due to slots filling up as fast as one minute the way I used to open them, and people telling me they didn’t have time to try or hadn’t seen the post. This way I used to overwork myself by taking too much of a workload and commissions would be slow.

I’m going to try things differently, thanks to those who helped me figure out how you take on commissions.

So this said, I will be accepting submissions via e-mail up till tomorrow 22nd of February, 9 PM CEST time. Timer can be Found Here.

Once the time’s up I’m going to dig through all the submissions and pick up to 4 for the next batch! I’ll let you know via e-mail if I’ve picked your submission.

Onto more info:

  • All submissions are done via my e-mail
  • Payments are done via Paypal and are in Euros!
  • Please include as many refrences as your able, descriptions to faceclaims anything you can gather is helpful.
  • Please include your Tumblr and/or Twitter so I can link to your page afterwards.
  • Please read my Terms of Service to see what I will and will not be drawing/accepting for commissions. Submissions that do not follow my ToS will not be accepted.

  • I do not do reservations of any kind.
  • I try to complete commissions as soon as I’m able, you can check the progress of your picture in the Commission Queue linked above, however I’m a full time art/animation-student and sudden workloads may occur.
  • Simple questions can be done via Tumblr for quick replies but it’s preferable to send information via e-mail so I can check it later.

For any more questions please ask, besides that, again thank you to those who helped me and I hope things will be distributed a bit more fairly this time around!

Thank you~