Night Elf Warrior, Revisit 1

10 years ago I came across the magical tool that was a wacom tablet, and grinded my teeth to invest in one despite of not having a real practical justification for it… Working in the game industry or as a professional digital artist had never seriously crossed my mind. I sat down for a long, whole day and was proud of what I produced – a night elf warrior.

In the last year, I began contemplating redoing the painting. Many procrastination and several sketches abandoned at various stage later, I used the final day of my Christmas/New Year break to finally do it. I kept the subject-matter and the general color scheme, but couldn’t really think of a cool sitting pose or mood so I cheated and changed the pose. Maybe 10 years later I’ll be able to make fireside resting look exciting.

Happy new year and go kick some butt