Offering some digitally painted portraits as commissions!
Unlimited slots as of now, but I will close the offer when I get enough.

Fully shaded and with a simple texture/pattern background. Semi-artist
freedom style
– you get to choose the character (obviously) and
expression/mood for the piece, but the overall composition and pose are
artist’s choice. I offer no WIPs or major revisions, but I will
naturally fix mistakes I’ve made that are not due inaccurate or
insufficient references.

20 USD for a bust
30 USD for a thigh up

If your character is excessively detailed (whether because of armor or
tattoos or something else) I will ask extra 5-10 usd to cover the extra
time spent.

Single character only, sorry!

For your money you get both a web-sized version for sharing and posting
[longest side ~900 px for busts and ~1000px for thigh ups] and a full
300dpi A4 .png file for personal viewing

General ToS applies! My general commission info (includes links to queue and ToS) is here:

I’m ok with all kinds of characters, furry, human, humanoid, fantasy animals….
I won’t draw real life people (includes celebrities and your family
members) or their exact, un-stylized appearances (using photos as your
primary references might be subject toe extra charges), pet portraits or
fanart (fan characters are ok)

If you’re interested in seeing more of my art, check:

Please e-mail me sirmeo[at]
I will not respond to notes/PMs about this commission, only e-mail!
– 1-3 BEST image references of your character. Don’t link whole
galleries.  I won’t work from text only referenecs, but you can have a
SHORT  blurb/bio about the character, like 1-4 sentences max.
– Desired expression/mood. You can also leave it up to me if you don’t care.
– PayPal address for invoicing.