So maybe your art sucks.

Maybe you started drawing at fifteen instead of eight.
Maybe you started “too late”

Maybe you’re 26 and you just pulled out your art supplies from middle school and you draw worse now than you did then.

Maybe people look at you funny when you say you want to go to an artistic university when you’re seventeen and you’ve never taken an art class in your life.

Maybe you’ve bounced around with things you’d like to do with your life and people won’t take you seriously when you say you’d like to be an artist.

Maybe you started later than normal. Maybe you can’t shade and maybe you can’t draw that other goddamn eye and figure drawing will be the death of you.

Maybe your art sucks. Maybe it gets three notes when you post it. Maybe you want to quit because “what’s the point”
Maybe you want to give up.

Maybe you will.
Maybe you’ll throw away your art supplies and burn your sketchbooks and tell yourself there wasn’t any point. Maybe you’ll be 45 and you’ll stumble upon an old drawing and you’ll sigh and crumple it up. “It was too late anyway.”

But Maybe you won’t.
Perhaps your art will get better. You’ll have a breakthrough one day when you finally figure out how to shade. Maybe you’ll draw two perfect eyes and you’ll hang it up on your wall. Maybe you’ll sketch out a figure drawing and it turns out ten times better than you expected.

You’ll get accepted into that university and you get to prove everybody wrong.
You’ll be 29 and you’ll be selling your paintings and making people happy with your art.
You’ll be 22 and looking back on your sketches from six years ago and you’ll smile because wow they suck but you remember how proud of it you were.

So maybe you started late. So what? You started.
So don’t stop.

Emptyinkbottle (via emptyinkbottle)