Oops I designed a Forsaken DK…. ok this is like… first stage design, I’m sure his design will round up a but when I get used to drawing him, that’s how this goes.

Anyway, Beverly Herbert, Forsaken Frost DK. He is an older gentleman but was Very Fit (despite being somewhat stout in shape) even before his death. He is very jolly and boisterous personality, and has absolutely NO INDOOR VOICE. He also gets excited very easily, and that makes him EVEN LOUDER. Do not take him with you for any kind of a stealth mission. Just don’t even think about it. 

While his personality is that of a cool but eccentric older uncle, it’s worth noting that he still is a Death Knight, and when he absolutely has to, he can slide from GOOD SPORT SON!!! YOU TRULY ARE A WORTHY OPPONENT!!! NOW, WE SHALL HAVE ANOTHER ROUND!!! READY YOUR WEAPON AND GIVE ME YOUR BEST!!! to a remorseless killing machine at a moment’s notice.

Evilyn probably finds him really cool.
Meredith probably 180s the fuck out of there whenever he sees hears him coming.

I’m in love.