I’m Kaiyela and I give you quality arts for free reasonable prices!

Quick recap :
Full body: €55
Hips & up: €45
Portrait: €25

Sketches: €15

+ €15 for any extra character
+ €20 for any kind of background
– €10
if anything is in black & white
(Example: B&W hips-up would be €45 €35)

Whatever your request is, I’ll draw it. But keep in mind that some things are not my forte. Fantasy and a rough sketchy style is what I’m good at. Robots and very stylised details is something I’m not good at. If anything is possibly out of my league I always inform so before anything is agreed upon.

keep in mind that any kind of extreme detailing in armour and/or
character design will take longer and requires an extra fee (depending
on the design).


I want a group picture of X amount of characters but this will be very expensive, what do I do?
Depending on how many characters are included the price per extra will downgrade. The bigger the piece, the less detailed every character will be and this will be balanced in the price.

Your commissions are mostly game-related. Is it possible to get a piece of my own universe or OC?
Of course! While I mostly draw GW2 or WoW stuff I’m very much open to different worlds and the like. I only ask a bit more reference when it comes to that.

What sort of description do I need to give?
Anything goes from extreme elaborate descriptions to a short list of words about the character. What I mostly ask is ‘What makes your character typically them?’ try to involve this for the best possible result!

How do I pay?
Only Paypal y’all.

I want something that is not on this price list, do you do this?
This list is a demonstration of core options. This means that anything can be adjusted on your wish.
For example if you want a character sheet, a background focused commission or an atmospheric comic- just ask! Prices will be discussed personally and adjusted depending on the alterations.

You can contact me at
kaiyela.art@gmail.com, Tumblr/DeviantArt message and the GW2RP forum.