my favourite attribute in an anti-SJW is the complete inability to recognize when someone is clowning them to hell and back so they continue to act like its a civilized debate when the other side is like ‘i will put a fist up my ass so hard ill fly to the moon and create a fart atmosphere around it’ theyll respond to that like ‘ad heminem, try learning how to debate next time you try to come at me’

That’s because you fucking simpletons get so wound up that there are people who actually speak like that unironically. It’s at the point now where people cant even differentiate between a troll, and someone who’s being serious because they both sound identical. 

Ad hominem*

im honestly speechless replying to this, i dont know how to even begin describing how you had the audacity to call me a simpleton while falling for the trick this post describes, theres not even a trick in this post, its just a description of it, but that was enough, you even corrected my eminem joke. im just. i genuinely did not think you people could be this dense but i am so fucking happy that you are cause im gonna frame this response and put it on my wall