at this point I genuinely do not believe that the Rogue POTUS staff twitter is real. 

The national park ones are real, but the POTUS staff one has too many tells of a troll account. 


the #triggered tag is a troll tag, and they aren’t providing any externally verifiable info, unlike other alt/rogue accounts. 

If anyone here is interested in forensic linguistics as a sub field, this is the type of thing you might be faced with. You wouldn’t think a tweet would contain much information to work with to describe the author, yet here we see a clear tone with orthographic and lexical markers typical of the Twitter Nazi in an alt-source costume.

The same analysis can be applied to the white supremacists attempting to infiltrate Black Twitter, social media groups for ethnic and religious minorities, and liberal havens.

i knew something was up, the way the posts were worded and shit

stop reblogging and retweeting from them

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