Yay, new commission style! I had a new brushes and I want to use it! So let’s go: Until the end of february, the watercolor commissions will be on sale^^.

  • Avatars and busts will be only 7$ 
  • Full body with simple background will be 15 $

Of course, I’m still with the digital commission and the same price. If this goes cool, I will make diferent sales all the year^^

Digital commission card^^:

  • Ink/Flat color: 12-17$
  • Bust sketch (new!): 15-17$
  • Bust color: 20-25$
  • Full body color: 30$

I hope to make a lot of commissions for you this year. Any questions, send a message on my tumblr, (with gifs!) Or send a mail on

Have a nice day! (And thanks to read this post)