(dragon au cause fuck the police)

Roliastraz leaned his head onto Tevrugos’ shoulder, their hands entwined as he gazed across the frosty expanse of the Borean tundra, towards the sun that was setting over the horizon. The last rays of light peaked over the hilltops, and for a moment it felt like they could just be like this forever…

But they both had duties to their respective flights, and so with a heavy sigh, Roliastrasz pulled his attention away from the last glimmers of gold and turned to face his friend.

“So this is it… I can’t believe it’s over already.” He sighed, “I was hoping we could spend more time together.” His ears wilted a bit, but the look on Tevrugos’ face was reassuring as well… it promised that they would meet again soon.

“I have to keep my duty to the Kirin Tor, and you have to help the Lifebinder.” He murmured softly, reaching to tuck some of that vibrant red hair out of Roliastrasz’s face. Without warning, Tevrugos leaned forward and pressed his lips to Roliastrasz’s. It wasn’t a passionate kiss, it wasn’t full of fervor like the ones of the night before… it was gentle, it was sweet.

When they parted, Tevrugos let out a laugh and smiled ear to ear, his fangs sticking out a bit as he looked down at his friend, “Your face is completely red… it’s cute.”