Hello Everyone!

Going to be taking very limited slots for these because I have a lot of other work to do still but I need to start bringing some money in again so my cat and I don’t starve. I’ll either be using them as warm-ups or just to get some drawing in on days where I have little energy.

Your OCs of course do not have to be miqo’te, I just happen to draw a lot of them. They also do not need to be FFXIV related at all. All I require is plenty of references. 

How do you get one? Check this page.

If I have any slots open you can follow the instructions on how to contact me. I won’t have a waitlist for these, it’s first come first serve. I’ve really got to buckle down on not overloading myself as I so frequently do.

I’m also grateful for any and all signal boosting! ♥