Ask me about my up and coming pathfinder character who is going to be a horse barbarian.


Okay I’ll take this as your blessing to proceed

So my Character is named Reinault VIII he was the mount of my previous character a Human Gunslinger who was particularly bad at getting horses killed. During the campaign when I got this horse I rolled handle animal to see if I could bond with the horse in which I rolled a nat 20 and the GM stated that my character stared deeply into the horse’s eyes and forged an unbreakable bond that would transcend death (seeing as this was my eighth horse we assumed it would be his and not mine.)

As luck would have it though the horse did not die but the gunslinger did. Several of the party members got pissy at a meeting with a council of powerful sorcerers that we really weren’t supposed to fight and attacked one of them and they responded by disintegrating my Gunslinger and throwing the rest of the party in jail once they yielded.

So the horse who was waiting outside instantly felt a deep pang of sorrow and once they got out of prison one of the party members with a heavy heart told the horse of his master’s terrible fate. Upon hearing of his master’s death the horse ran off into the wilderness to die in the harsh wilds

Only he didn’t die

There in the woods the horse trained getting stronger and stronger braving the dangers of the world on his own. With the grief of his dead master forever in his heart he dove into hatred for those who slew his masters. He tapped into the Primal insatiable rage of the barbarian. 

To this day Reinault carries a deep seated hatred for arcane casters and attacks any and all users of arcane magics on sight.

Mechanic wise he is a Barbarian 9/ Mammoth Rider 1

Feats known:

Power Attack
Improved Overrun
Greater Overrun
Nature Soul
Animal Companion

So what is a Mammoth Rider? It is a class that gains access to a Huge Sized animal companion. This is useful because a horse is large sized and in order to have a mount a creature must be a size category smaller than their mount

The horse traveling through the harsh and wild world came across a mammoth and saved him from a group of raiders whom he slew in his blind fury. The mammoth now owes him a life debt and serves as his companion and steed. 

I’m sure that a lot of the other people come game time will have some neat and interesting characters with unique motivations but I’m gonna be the guy playing a horse riding into battle atop a wooly mammoth

it needed art so bad

Thank you so much it’s everything I’ve ever wanted

I expect session reports and if he ever gets a nice hat you better tell me

Hell yes

This is perfection.