Hey guys! I have to format this on my phone so sorry for the sloppiness, but enough people expressed interest in traditional mail-out commissions that I decided to offer them!

(All prices are in USD. Payment through Paypal only! I will ship to USA and CAN (add an extra $5 for the latter.))

PORTRAIT (5"x7"-8"x10"):
-Pencil: $15
       >ballpoint pen sketch: +$5
-Ink: $25
       >add greyscale: +$5
       >coffee painted: +$10
       >add full color: +$15

WAISTUP (8"x10"-11"x14"):
-Pencil: $25
       >ballpoint pen sketch: +$5
-Ink: $40
       >add greyscale: +$10
       >coffee painted: +$15
       >add full color: +$20

No fullbodies for now!

(You may notice that since of the process are slightly higher than my digital commissions. This is for a few reasons:

I use bristol board (or nice watercolor paper,) nice inking pens, and copic markers! These are not cheap!

I mat all of these commissions so it ships nicely and they’re ready to display!

! Also not cheap! )

So IF you’re interested in some traditional art, contact me at !

NOTE: This is a way to continue to make a living while my computer is down for the count, and has not replaced anything on my commission roster! I will have 2-3 more weeks before I will have access to my com, do thank you guys for your patience and understanding!