Neutral passer-by here. Dezka, I am ashamed of you – you are dead wrong to say whites cannot be victim to racism. I grew up attending schools that were nearly all black, as one of maybe a dozen students. I was beaten, mocked, called “white paddy,” and had to ditch school just to catch a break despite my father punishing me for it. Only white students were targeted like this. To see you say such a bigoted and ignorant thing changes my once positive opinion of you to a drastically negative one.


So, I’ve been sitting on this ask for awhile (mostly because I was out of the house all day buying a car today – woo me!) but I just want to preface this with one thing.

I am a white-passing person of Caribbean descent.

I get it. I was teased and bullied growing up. FFS I didn’t even have a single friend until I was in like 4th grade. I’ve experienced everything from people pissing on my personal belongings to being given a black eye. I’ve been called all manner of things – though being that I grew up in Hawaii, it was primarily the slang term “hauli” – aka white person (could be taken as derogatory, depending on who you ask. IDK.

That being said. You can’t be racist towards white people. While the textbook definition of “racism” means that any race targeted by malicious words/actions is an act of “racism” does not mean it constitutes the same implication of the word in the more modern and societal sense.

Racism, as it stands predominantly in the United States (since this is where I live, and this is my experience with it) is a societal structure, meant to undermine minorities and hold control over them.

I mean, let’s – for a moment – talk about the whole police brutality thing. Of those who are shot and killed by police on a yearly basis – 60% of which are unarmed, 40% of the 60 are unarmed black men.

Or how about the fact that 

1 in every 15 African American men and 1 in every 36 Hispanic men are incarcerated in comparison to 1 in every 106 white men.

Or we can go on to read the multiple resources stating that something along the lines called reverse racism does not exist.

Listen. I get it. You were beat up as a kid. No one should have to suffer through that, and I’m speaking from experience here. But as a white person, you are more likely to succeed in life, make more money, and live longer lives.

Yes, you can be prejudiced against white people. Some POC say things like “I hate whites” or “Kill all whites”, but the people who whine about racism against white people? My god, you really are scum. Wanna know why? If you were even slightly educated in the subject you would know that the reason POC maybe hates whites is cause ya’ll’s ancestors have been killing theirs for centuries and they’re fucking tired of ya’ll’s shit.

Get the fuck outta my inbox, unfollow me, block me, I don’t care. I’ll kindly wipe my ass with your “respect”, you whiny pissbaby.

my opinion of anon: yikes 

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