Hello everyone,

Gnocchi’s humom here.

We both are at risk of being homeless very soon. We need help. I am being kicked out of my home because I do not have a full time job (while I still work 2 part time jobs). It’s an odd consequence but it is one we can’t avoid. Our only way to have a home is to move 1000 miles away to Maine. I’ve been scrapping together money for the last couple weeks but I’m not at what I need to make sure my car is in working order.

I’ve already asked family members if I can stay with them and I’ve been told no. I don’t want to give up Gnocchi and even if I do, I will still be homeless.

If you would like, you can donate to Gnocchi’s Ko-fi to help us move to Maine. If you can’t donate, spreading this post will help just as much.

Thank you so much for your time.