Lvl 1: Fully sentient humanoid robot: you know he’s got metal bits but he’s handsome and sophisticated and has fancy nanomachine skin probably or something. This is fine. No one gives a shit cause they can’t tell. You fuck that robo bf. Do it.

Lvl 2: Robo bf missing some bits: totally metal. Can see wires sometimes? Still cute. Example nick valentine or that one sexy white robot going around on tumblr. Still has human features. Now ..people gonna look at you maybe but you flip them off. And kiss that robo boi.

Lvl 3: sentient but no human features. Mostly mechanical looking. A-ok. Beautiful robo bf – imagine like k2so, legion or zenyatta

Lvl 4: Completely mechanical. Maybe a mech suit or mechanical prototype with beginners guide to AI. People are definitely weirded out maybe? But so what you love your robo bf. French him in front of them.

Lvl 5: Your rhoomba. Ok. You got it bad. Your at the appliance level. But I’m not here to kink shame you or your washing machine you do you.