every now and then tumblr reminds me that my dad asked for a furry pic for his 57th birthday

might as well tell the story behind that

so, my dad’s birthday is coming up, and since he doesn’t text, ever (he’s luddite that way), i text my mom: “hey, can you ask dad would like for his birthday?”

her response is “well he really likes your animals, why don’t you draw (our real-life dog) in that style?”

now bear in mind my mom doesn’t get what i do, or my dad for that matter, so i figure that she doesn’t understand the ramifications of that suggestion. she doesn’t quite see how slapping two hands and a pair of breasts on our real-life dog would be fucking weird. but note also that it was a suggestion that she came up with, not him, so i reply:

“can you just ask him yourself”

she responds “i was just giving you an idea, why don’t you ask him”

“he never texts”

“i will tell him to text you”

and that brings us to


so the lesson is, my mom knows my dad’s tastes much better than i do