straight girl: *sees literally any guy with a lisp*
😳 guys… my Gaydar®™©…. is tingling. 😩🖖 i have the best Gay senses. 🤔 i have the power ✊ to see 🕵🏻 right through the Gay’s thick 👥 external straight™ layers and into their ⭐️gay⭐️ soul. 👁 i am one with the gay community. 🙌👬 I can feel their kind in my bones🙏 …. A gay psychic🔮…. If u will…… 👀

After a gay guy says another “masculine” guy is gay.
Straight girl: You are just hoping. 😒Trust me, my Gaydar®™ is amazing💅 I visited NYC/San Francisco once 👬👬 You just wish he was gay because you want him 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨if he were gay 🌈 I would ✨know✨besides, one time, we met eyes 🌜🌛 and let me tell you, 💁 he wants me 😘

Stereotyping straights are we?

Yeah bc they won’t stop murdering us so we unwind from the stress with some light humour