and the story appears to be that two men who were having a conversation in Arabic were escorted off a Delta flight for not speaking English.


But, here’s the catch: one of them, the one who recorded the “aftermath” of them being escorted off the plane, is YouTuber Adam Saleh, who is a “YouTube prankster” by profession and is known for doing this kind of thing regularly, i.e. filming pranks on planes for clicks on YouTube. As it so happens, his most recent video was even within the last few days.


So the way I see it, either karma came back to bite him in the ass, or this is another one of his “pranks” and he’s manipulating social media and slandering an entire multi-billion dollar corporation to accomplish it.

And, just learning this now, He also apparently makes those trash-ass “PRANKS IN THE HOOD” racist prank videos and calls black people “Abeed” which basically means “slave” in Arabic.

i’m so exhausted lmao

Yikes wtf

It’s been confirmed by everyone else on the plane that he apparently stood up three times, yelling something loudly in Arabic, and sat back dow, each time he was waiting for either passangers or the flight crew to react and when they finally did he said he was talking to his mom on the phone. This sort of shit puts more people in danger and reinforces the racist narrative that racism is simply about people of color playing the victim. This dude needs to be made an example of tbh because lying about this sorta thing goes so far beyond what could even be considered remotely okay so if you reblogged the video of him lying, reblog this too, and make sure his stupid ass face isn’t ever mistaken for a decent human being again.

Fuck this guy.


A lot of people put themselves on the line to advocate for this guy. People received harassment and spent emotional energy and used their online spaces to discuss AT LENGTH this whole situation.

All for it to be this shit.