A friend of mine mentioned there is someone running around Silvermoon with the tag, “Roleplay Moderator”. You know, I think this is hilarious (at their expense) and a total dick move (also at their expense), so I need to see for myself. Especially being someone who has roleplayed for about twenty years now.  I can’t really help but laugh at this moron.

Anywho – as a PSA for anyone who may or may not be trolled by this assnozzle, there you go. His MRP states a lot of rules about RP and he has gone on to make a list of names of those he feels violates his terms and conditions of RP. He is also going around and critiquing other people’s rp he happens upon.

You know the general, ignore this person – etc. And that’s the best way to go about it – however, I should mention that this person’s mrp mentions making a website soon. So, I would hate to see unsuspecting folks fall prey to such a dick. 

 I’d like to give all of my lovely WrA tumblr peeps a heads up on this creep. Feel free to spread the word!

<3 Player of Asharri

PS: I tried to get most of the screenies in here of the TRP – you have the idea though. The rest that cuts off are just more names of folks.

I can’t tell if I’m insulted that he would be such a dick as to put that many rules, or somewhat impressed because -he took a lot of time to write all this shit down-.

That part about women in “Traditional” (read: barefoot and pregnant) roles is hilarious given, in no particular order:

  • Lady Liadrin
  • Tyrande Whisperwind
  • Moira Thaurissan
  • Grand Magistrix Elisande
  • etc…