So we have this cucumber cyborg ninja boi but i want to address the fact that kimono he is wearing is right over left.

Why does that matter? cuz this is why


He’s wearing what he wore in his funeral basically.

Also hanzo and genji both got this matching spray and its p dope


But now take a look at this white flower on genji’s side(right). Those flowers are called chrysanthemum and it has different colour variations

including pink, yellow, red, white, bronze, magenta and purple.

Once again why does this matter u may ask, well thats because white chrysanthemum are used as funerary offerings in asian culture (China,Korea,Japan).

At first when i saw the kimono was on right over left i thought it was a mistake, but now that they choose white chrysanthemum out of all possible flowers and its colours. It made more sense to me.

I can’t believe genji is fucking dead

I bet Genji does this sort of thing on purpose to annoy Hanzo. Along the lines of “Hey remember that time you killed me. Good times.”