the overwatch roster ranked by their knowledge and understanding of what vore is

  1. Hanzo: “Let the dragon consume you” Shimada
  2. Genji: has a future equivalent of an FA account
  3. Reinhardt: had an actual FA account
  4. Bastion: has the dictionary definition of “vore” installed.
  5. Sombra: knows what vore is but isn’t into it, kinkshames vore
  6. Mercy
  7. Tracer: follows Genji’s FA account
  8. makes vore jokes, isn’t into it
  9. Junkrat: doesn’t know what vore is per se, but would be into it
  10. Roadhog: knows what vore is, is only into soft vore
  11. Lucio:, Genji and Tracer explained what vore is but he doesn’t “get” it
  12. Pharah: Genji told her, she nodded and changed the subject
  13. Mei: has heard of vore
  14. Mccree: thinks vore just means “to eat”
  15. Widowmaker: knows what vore is because Sombra is always griping about shitty furries and their vore
  16. Reaper: is usually in another room but overhears it anyways
  17. Zarya: has just barely overheard the other heroes talking about vore but didn’t ask any questions
  18. Soldier76: has heard the word “vore” before
  19. Zenyatta: has heard Genji make a vore joke before
  20. Ana: has not heard any vore jokes, doesn’t know what vore is
  21. Torbjorn: doesn’t know what vore is
  22. Symmetra: has never heard the word “vore” and nobody says it or talks about it around her
  23. Winston: has no idea what vore is; pure