World of Warcraft or Wildstar characters preferred.

(I will consider other characters if enough photo reference is given, though I am pretty burned out on Furries)

Pricing is for single character, line art with flat colors

Two characters together will cost double (but will count as one slot).


Small Portrait (Head/Shoulders/Maybe an arm): $40

Big Portrait (Waist Up): $60

Full Body: $80

+$10 for detailed armor/costuming


To reserve a slot, email me – HKLuterman AT gmail DOT com

Include picture reference (the more the better!) and a brief description of your character / what they should be doing.

Payment must be made up front via Paypal.

Tasteful nudes / pinups are A-OK. Other sexual content will be considered.

You get a high-res file for your own personal enjoyment. Woohoo!


5 slots:

1. FILLED РHead/shoulders