I desperately need $95 to pay my storage this month, a client backed out on a payment I was relying on to pay it, and now I’m already a day late, and in jeopardy of getting extra fees tacked on/losing everything I own.

If you can’t afford a commission/aren’t interested, PLEASE, do me a huge favor, and spread this!

I have cancer, and I can’t work, so I rely on commissions to keep my things in storage (because I live on my mom’s floor atm, and have no room of my own.) and keep myself fed.

Prices start at $65 for full color (includes shading and background) per character.

I also do comics for $150 a page (also includes the full package, color/shading/backgrounds.)

Icons are $25 for full color

Splash color sketches are $15 for headshot/bust, and $35 for fullbody

I AM willing to haggle prices! Please email me at

If you’d simply like to donate to help me out, my paypal is

Thank you for reading!