I keep fantasizing about how cool it would be if humans were supernatural creatures and their powers and physical features were based on their sun, moon, and rising sign.

Hear me out: sun signs determine the basic physical features like nails that are strong like claws or goat horns or gills that can be activated and deactivated. Moon signs determine what powers you have; Aries moon can have pyrokinesis, Gemini moon can multiply, Leo moon can manipulate heat and fire solar beams, etc. And the ascendant can determine your color scheme, physique, and secondary characteristics like hair and eyes.
Hehe sorry, excuse my brain fart

If that were the case, I’d be a psychic centaur with water and empath powers with a gryffindor color scheme.

….Write a book about this. Now. I want to read it.

okay no maybe not a book but like make a chart!!!!! with all the stuff!!!! please!!!!!!!

Alrighty as promised I’ll make a chart of this


  • Sun: Ram horns regardless of gender, strong foreheads, and bones are stronger than average since they’re prone to injury
  • Moon: Pyrokinesis, quick self healing factor, or precognition 
  • Rising: Red and orange color scheme, hair often curly but can be any “natural” color, eyes are either a warm red or a bright orange, most are average height or smaller


  • Sun: Bull horns regardless of gender, large hands in proportion to their bodies, and stomachs and immune system allow them to eat anything without harm
  • Moon: Super strength, stone manipulation, or can communicate with any mammal 
  • Rising: Brown and green color scheme, eyes could be either color, hair often thick and usually black, green, or brown, often either chubby or beefy physique (some more or less thick than others)


  • Sun: Second set of arms, eyes can zoom in and out of long distant range, and have a much easier time learning other languages than others
  • Moon: Super speed, can shapeshift into any human form, or physical duplication
  • Rising: Color scheme is light blue and yellow, eyes can be either color, hair can be any “unnatural” color, physique varies but they have long legs proportionate to their height


  • Sun: Hands can morph into crab claws (color determined by rising), skin glitters when exposed to moonlight, all of them are empaths
  • Moon: Lunar abilities ( produce and shoot lunar beams, control tides; however this can only be accessed at night), psychic absorption (can absorb and use one power at a time, this only tires the victim) , or producing force fields
  • Rising: Silver and shades of blue color scheme, eyes can be either color and are very glossy, hair is either blue or black, tend to be short


  • Sun: Feline like canines, nails are long and strong like claws, skin glitters when exposed to sunlight
  • Moon: Solar abilities (produce and shoot solar beams and control heat; this can only be accessed during the day), laser eyes, or sonic boom roar (explosive, can physically push away anything in its close range)
  • Rising: Gold and red color scheme, eyes are often gold, hair almost always big no mater the length, can be any “natural” color, either really tall or really short


  • Sun: Large feathered wings (color determined by rising), they look human otherwise 
  • Moon: Portal creation, telekinesis, or poison manipulation
  • Rising: color scheme is green and yellow, eyes can be either color, hair is either brown or black base with any second color, physique varies but all have longer than average fingers


  • Sun: Skin on the hands and forearms are metallic gold or silver, have glowing eyes (color determined by rising), can always tell if you’re lying
  • Moon: Plant manipulation, siren song, or sonic scream (not explosive but can stun any living being in its range and break close enough objects)
  • Rising: Green and pink color scheme, eyes are either pink or yellow, hair is either white, brown, or pink, are often tall with wide hips regardless of gender


  • Sun: Fully functional scorpion tail (proportionate to their body), can easily see in the dark, very silent walkers who can sneak up on anyone
  • Moon: Shadow manipulation, mediumship (includes the dead and powerful spirits), or selective mind reading (can’t communicate mentally)
  • Rising: Black and red color scheme, eyes are either dark blue or bright red, hair can be any dark color, can easily blend in with their surrounding 


  • Sun: Can switch from biped to centaur and back, keeps their tail in any form, hair grows long and fast
  • Moon: Can shoot energy arrows or spears, light manipulation, or power jump (can leap as high as 50ft off the ground)
  • Rising: Orange and brown color scheme, eyes can be either color, hair is red or dirty blond, often tall but short ones are faster runners


  • Sun: Goat horns legs and hooves, pretty much satyrs 
  • Moon: Ice manipulation, telepathy, or temporarily slow time
  • Rising: Brown and black color scheme, eyes are any shade of brown, hair is black but can have any secondary color, often average height and have a very fit physique but that varies, they throw some of the hardest punches


  • Sun: Are the most human looking of the signs but they always have at least one robotic body enhancement, can retain more information than the others
  • Moon: Electric manipulation, technopathy, or wind manipulation
  • Rising:  Electric blue and black, eyes are any shade of blue, hair can be any bright “unnatural” color, often tall but body type varies


  • Sun: Can switch from biped to mermaid and back (scale colors determined by rising), have a set of gills that closes on land, often have scales grown on stray parts of their body that shows even on land
  • Moon: Water manipulation, aura manipulation, or invisibility 
  • Rising: Sea green and lavender color scheme, eyes can be either color, hair can be any shade of blue or purple, physique varies but they have large glossy eyes

Cancer, Scorpio, Scorpio

I’d be able to lurk in shadows of my own making, sneaking up on anyone with jet black crab claws, but unable to kill them because of my feeling their emotions, to empathic to end their lives. Instead I’d be the ideal spy. Unseen, clouded in shadow. Able to know not only my target’s words, but their emotions and thoughts, able to draw information even from the dead. Where I can’t be, my allies among the spirits would gather information for me, walking through walls to gather whispers from locked rooms. The only glance caught of me would be an occasional gleam as the light of a lamp reflects of my ruby red eyes.

Double Gemini and Capricorn. What monstrosity would I commit with that? XP