As a master illusionist, Edyne took Siavash with him through a portal to Suramar to explore the broken empire. Forced to be under cover, the mage covered their hides through magic, and so they walked through the streets to find many wonders as well as horrifying displays.
Siavash had never seen such sights before and it made a huge impression on him to see a city of such size under dictate of the Burning Legion. In fact, he’s rarely seen what his “personal genie” is doing when he’s not strutting around as drag, in his company. This was quite something different!

Background is an in game print screen, while I drew the two characters under cover as Nightfallen.

Edyne, the crook to the right with the British teeth, is @benchflip‘s character

Siavash, the man that looks like a young, blue Gandalf, is my own crook!