“I’ve sacrificed everything…” notwithstanding,  I think demon hunters and death knights would actually get along pretty well, given the context of the current expansion. Though there are probably a lot of mutual “you stink (literally)” jokes.

nah, I don’t think they’d get along. There would be lots of fighting over who suffered/sacrificed more

thing is neither class is emo in the slightest. what i love about both factions is they are very pragmatic about their situations.

Deathknights are dead monstrosities lucky to not be enslaved for eternity and so just looking for a way to be useful in a violent way to satisfy their bloodlust.

while the demon hunters have seen the worst the universe has to offer and those who’ve survived are beyond mental breakage. Every quest that involves them they are pretty much

every time the idea of yall dying horribly comes up. “oh this monster might crush us into paste and consume or souls?

even if we fight our best the legion will probably win anyways so why not give it a go?”