‘He Just Smiled and Shot Both My Kneecaps’

Young native man from the Ojibwe nation, reports being openly targeted by a police officer using “non-lethal” weapons to cause serious harm.

“He shot me with a rubber bullet right in the belly button, and when I showed him that he had hurt me, he just smiled and shot both my kneecaps,” he said.

“I was tear gassed over 15 times, which made it hard to breathe and left my face burning for hours. I got hosed down with a water cannon in freezing temperatures leaving me hypothermic, and I was slammed into a barbed wire barricade out of panic caused by the police after a flash grenade was thrown and caught fire to a field,” said Cheyenne, a young native woman from Michigan, whose face was streaked with tear gas, and whose eyes were red and swollen.

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Yep. Thanksgiving. Native American Heritage Month. Celebrated in 2016 by encroaching on Native land and assaulting Native bodies.

It’s the traditional American way. 

Oh yeah its the time of year to be thankful, therefore give thanks for rubber bullets, tear gas, water / sound cannons, concussion grenades and the freedoms for a bunch of evil bastards to attack groups of unarmed people without the “legal” ability to defend themselves.

#NoDAPL #NativeAmerican #Thanksgiving #FuckThePolice #StayWoke

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