-when u first meet him he is half-naked, beaten, & chained to a rack 

-he is less angry abt that situation than the fact that you came to get him out of it

-he draws fire off of you when you escape the horror basement the scarlet crusade stuck him in

-tormented by shadow demons (hot)

-good mix of humility, selflessness, and salt

-came home from war to find not only the figurative locks changed but the entire species changed as well

-acknowledged that being free of the lich king does not free him from all the bad shit he’s done or the gross thing he’s become

-miserable fucking pile of manpain stuck in an OTT cycle of enslavement and suffering

-good hair that retains its majesty even in death

-literally cannot relate to a single goddamn person except the guy who fucking killed him

-badass sword


-ultimately sacrifices everything because he didn’t want to fight his single friend

all of this is still true, just saying

(+ badass tattoos, can’t believe i forgot that the first time)

the second time u rescue him he is half-naked, beaten & caged