A lot of people in the WoW sphere on this site probably remember a user named burdwow, who took several paid WoW character commissions and never did them, and did not respond to inquiries about refunds. The blog is now abandoned and has not updated. They had a main account under dust-bite that is also now abandoned and not updated, and a deviantART and furaffinity also under these handles that have been abandoned. You can do up a quick Google search for “dust-bite commissions” and the majority of the top results are “artist beware” reviews and claims of theft and professional negligence. You can also check the burdwow search on tumblr to see previous posts regarding clients looking for refunds.

They’re currently still extremely active on twitter and have rebranded as dearmsdear, and also have a (presumably abandoned) tumblr under this new handle as well. According to some people I’ve spoken to, trying to reach out to them on these new platforms about previously paid and incomplete commissions/refunds still results in a block/delete response so I would strongly advise people be wary of this person.