Heyo! I’m opening up commissions again! Prices are listed up above in USD. I will try to work on these as much as possible, but at this time school is still a priority for me. I take payment upfront as soon as I start the piece, but if there’s an issue with money you can let me know. c:

-Additional characters are $25 extra added to the original price and complex backgrounds are $15 added to original price. Excessive changes will also be charged.

-I will NOT draw N S F W /sexual content, any offensive or disturbing language and/or content, or excessive amounts of gore/violence (some blood and scars is fine).

Payment! I use Paypal, and the account is qymaenjai_sheelal@yahoo.com. To contact me about commissions, please use my email: orcbootyart@gmail.com. Please be specific and descriptive with what you’re looking for, and be ready to provide references. I will only take on 3 commissions at a time, but will be able to put you in a queue if all my slots are taken. Any further questions can be directed to me through tumblr or email. Please check out my side art blog orcbooty-art for more of my work.