Today we released a small update to Editable Reblogs in an attempt to control its effect on the dashboard; we’ve noticed in seeing people use the extension that though it has a significant use case, there are also plenty of situations in which it might not be needed, and in those cases (with the new update) it is damaging the appearance of the post for no reason.

Thus, we have added a trigger on the post window that allows users to opt into the Editable Reblogs Effect (i.e. converting the post to blockquotes) on a post-by-post basis rather than wholesale whenever the extension is enabled:


It’s our hope that this will reduce the amount of unnecessary corruption to the default Tumblr blog structure and make it easier to avoid any broken posts on the dash.

Obviously, we hope that this doesn’t have to be a long term solution, and that we can work out a better way to get back to non-intrusively editing posts without corrupting the reblog structure, but we hope that this strikes a good compromise in the meantime.

As always, feel free to let us know if you have any comments, questions, or encounter any bugs. There’s usually someone available in our support chat room (if not, we’re probably sleeping or carousing wildly so leave a message and we’ll see it later); you can also send a message to @new-xkit-support or open an issue in our Github issue tracker.

Happy blogging!