Commissions again! 

I don’t have the time to make full rendered pieces so i’ll open slots for sketches like these. 

$20 each one ! 
+10 per char 
+10 complex armor 

Only busts this time n-n 

How do i work?: 

-You’ll get the base sketch first, then we’ll do the payment. 
-I do normally finish one-two pieces per day, so you won’t have to wait that much. (Unless i do ask for some days because any emergency or problem) 

What do i draw? 

-Any char from any universe 
-Simple nudes
-Simple blood and/or scars

What i don’t draw? 



Email : 

I work via Payoneer, you don’t need an account there! 
I’ll explain everything you want to know via email n-n 

Thank you!