So I’ve seen people saying that Sombra looks/acts too young for her age. 

This is Anna Kendrick who is 31.


Let me ask you does she look 30 to you?

No? Let me get a other example for you. 


This is Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays Sasha from the walking dead and  who is also 31.

But you might be thinking ”They’re wear make-up so that doesn’t count”

But as you can see that Sombra is wear make-up.


Also, she just a video game character 

Is Sombra 31?

‘cause, I’m 31, and consistently get mistaken for 18-21 when I’m at the university. My roommates back in the dorms just 3-ish years ago refused to believe my age until I showed them my driver’s license. They thought I was 20 or under. I had a professor ask if I graduated high school that year back in 2014.

Also, big middle finger to anyone who thinks a person’s personality goes away once you hit the big three-oh.