The Holiday season is coming up and I have some expenses to cover, so I’m going to be doing a MUCH larger batch of commissions than normal. I will be opening up 20 slots WAIST-UP ONLY. As this is a large batch AND I am still in my fall college semester, I will be pretty slow with churning these out. This is also part of the reason I am only doing waist-up commissions is because they’re much easier to do than fully body ones. 

Please read the below information in its entirety before requesting a commission from me

The above prices are the starting prices, as stated, if your character is wearing complex armor/clothing or you want them to be posed with a prop/weapon/etc that’s complex in anyway, I will charge an extra 5-15$ based on how complex.  

If you are interested in a commission, please e-mail me at

Payment is accepted via Paypal ( I cannot accept any other forms of payment, sorry)

Payment is taken up front and I will not start on your commission until I have received the payment

Once I accept your commission, please be ready with lots of reference. Whether this is in-game screenshots, your own artwork, actors that you use as a faceclaim, or types of animals that will be helpful for properly portraying your khajiit or argonian characters (or other type of non-human characters). Since this is a large commission batch, its okay if you don’t have all the necessary reference right away, I can work on other commissions in the meantime, but please do get it to me within the month.

Please also have a pose in mind for your character, as well as clothing. People have often asked me to come up with an outfit for their characters in the past, instead of giving me reference, and that’s something I a) am not allowing people to commission at the moment and b) would charge a lot more for.

I will accept up to two characters in a piece but keep in mind that an additional character is an additional 55$, I don’t offer a discount of any kind. 

I also will decline any commissions I personally feel uncomfortable with. However, I’m totally fine with casual nudity that does not include showing the genitalia in anyway.

Slots Below the Cut [OPEN]

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