Here that time of the year !
I need 500€ (approx 550$) to pay my council tax.

Payment via Paypal only !
If you want something that is not pictured above don’t hesitate asking me about 🙂
You can send me an email at teechew.comm@gmail.com
With this little formulary filled:

– Type of commission: (sketch/flat/chibi…)
– Tumblr username: (so I can tag you when posting your finished commission )
– Name: (of the character(s))
– Age: (physical)
– Race (fandom?):
– Eye color:
– Short personnality description:
– Visual references:

You can send me IM on tumblr for any questions and inquiries BUT I won’t take the commission order on tumblr !! You need to send me an email for that.

Once you send me the email I will sketch your commission.
Once we agreed on the sketch I sent you a paypal invoice – I will continue to work on your art only once I received full payment !
Once finished I will give you the HD Jpeg or your art !

Commissions are for personnal use ONLY !
I will reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reasons I find justifiable (offending subject or personnal taste/ability)

Five slots open at a time !