I witness something very interesting with my friends and three random team. We were defending to stop the payload. They were close to the second checkpoint and this is on gibraltar map, so they were close to take the second checkpoint. I was playing as Dva the only tank cause my team are all squishy with dmg, one healer and dps. My mech is gone and i see all of my team charging to kill Reinhardt. He was so close to dying until a Genji player came out of nowhere using his ult to kill me first, my friends and my team! He use his ult to save his Reinhardt and it was amazing! That Reinhardt player has 4 hp left! But my team were dead! We lost that match and it show the Genji player who got the potg. After he is done slicing everybody I saw a small glimpse Mercy was healing Reinhardt so he survived! I was talking to my friends on mic that I am going to draw that out because that was really cute! I find it funny and amazing how he use his ult to save Reinhardt!