i’ve finally got around to it again to open commissions. you can check out my website with prices here and also my patreon here. i’m still trying to pay off my student loan debt, so every commission helps! commissions above are examples of what i can provide (sketches, busts, full-render, etc). i would appreciate if you can reblog + like this if you can, thank you for your continued support! 

currently opening five slots.

rough price sheet:

Rough Sketches: starting at $15
(15 for busts, 25 for full, 40+ for complex / multiple character / etc)

Clean Lineart: starting at $40
(40 for busts, 60 for full, 80+ for complex / multiple character / etc)

Shaded Colors: starting at $60
(60 for busts, 80 waist-up, 100+ full, 140+ multiple / complex / etc)

Full Render: starting at $90
(90 for busts, 140 for full, 200+ complex / etc.)

(nsfw is fine, but keep it tasteful please!)

Hey guys, if you enjoy very solid, crisp and beautiful work, please consider commissioning my girlfriend! She’s a total treat to work with, and extremely professional! <3