George Takei was so excited to do this shirtless episode. He spent all his free time doing push-ups for a week before they shot this.

they were going to give him a katana and have him be a samurai, but he didn’t want to be stereotypical, so he told the execs that he could fence and they wrote in references to the three musketeers instead

he could not, in fact, fence

he spent the weekend before shooting learning how

Not only that, but he found he liked fencing, kept it up, and became a master fencer.

When I had the privilege to hear him talk at AwesomeCon 2015, he informed us he is a master fencer. It was a very clear implication that he is still fencing at his advanced age. No wonder he’s so healthy.

He had far too much fun with this episode and it shows.

Hikaru Sulu, our first Space Pirate.

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