I read a lot about things in WoW because I wasn’t there first hand to see things out. I thought I had at least a decent grasp on DKs but no, I don’t, at all.

I’m assuming that we knew the Lich King was still about. Which isn’t a big switch but there’s also a lot of “in the lich king’s name” being thrown about and I thought we were very anti-scourge. Like, thought there were still DKs supposed to be dicking about Northrend making sure the Scourge didn’t get out of hand and that and now there’s a truce except it’s written like we’re back to being loyal henchmen again and I’m so confused???

I don’t understand the Ebon Blade at all.

Have you seen the speech Darion gives when you do the frost artifact quest? 

It’s an alliance of convenience. Personally I would have liked to seen a giant death gate open at the broken shore and hundreds of Scourge pour through.
But that’s just me.