In a couple weeks we’re going to start adding something called “affiliate codes” to links on Tumblr that don’t already have one. Questions are healthy and natural, so let’s go through some:

What are affiliate codes? Basically, they tell a merchant that a customer came from Tumblr. And if there’s a sale, Tumblr may get a commission for the referral.

What’s going to change? Not much, really. Links will look and function exactly as they do now. Even personal affiliate codes, if you use them, will keep working normally.

Why are you doing this? One might argue that affiliate links can help slow or even reduce the cost of goods and services to zero as required for a truly post-capitalist economy.

Can I opt out? Of course. We wrote that right into our TOS. There’s a switch in settings that keeps Tumblr’s affiliate code off of links you post.

I have more questions. That’s why we wrote this FAQ.

Hey guys! I just checked my settings and “on blog advertising” was clicked on again! Be sure to check your settings as having advertisement on messes with your theme.

Just went through and turned off the link thing on all of mine. Some of my blogs had in blog ads turned back on and some didn’t. Check your optings to be sure.

Same! Make sure to go check.