Aces are really funny like, watching them cry and squirm about teeny insignificant issues but. I’d probably, genuinely, punch one in the mouth if I saw them at pride or a gay bar or other lgbt space and they weren’t sga or trans. I would straight up knock their teeth out.

How do you get to be this violently disgusting. What happened to you. Drink some water and go outside maybe

if they went outside the world might have to suffer them tho

Hi! I state that I’m a cis male in my blog header thing so don’t refer to me as ‘them.’

Anyway to both of you: I drink lots of water and very regularly go outside, thank you! I keep my streets clean of ace scum and keep the teeth piles plentiful

did… you just try to get offended about someone describing you with a gender neutral term? 

Teeny insignificant issues like a man wanting to attack them for no reason.

>threatens to violently assault ace ppl

>ace ppl have no issues


Man it’s almost like asexual people have issues like people wanting to harm them for their sexual orientation