symmetra is an autistic woman who was taken out of poverty and groomed by vishkar to believe she was the Chosen One and manipulated from childhood to be exposed to vishkar’s “good side” and her comic makes it pretty damn clear that she’s doing what she genuinely thinks is meant to help people and does indeed question vishkar’s methods but is so deeply indoctrinated that it’s incredibly difficult for her to acknowledge they’d do anything bad

But please!!! Continue to tell me about how she’s a big bad imperialist villain when she’s really clearly being used as a tool by a corporation that’s exploiting her every angle of her being that they possibly can

this is a good post and let me add a little bit on as an irl autistic woman who relates to symmetra a lot: idk if its like this for a lot of autistic people but this is my take: i am both fiercely loyal and extremely trusting even to the point of naievete. my autism makes it hard to “read between the lines” and see when i am being taken advantage of until it’s too late, and i’m also intrinsically drawn towards anything that makes me feel like i am important or gives me a sense of identity or a cause to work towards.

that said, vishkar’s treatment of satya seems tailor-made to ensnare her based on her neurotype. they present themselves as well meaning. they constantly reassure her that she’s doing the right thing. they give her an identity as symmetra and make her feel special and important so that she stays loyal. she can’t tell that they’re shady because, like me, she can’t pick up on the subtle interpersonal cues that to anyone else would scream “vishkar are the bad guys!”

but heres the thing: satya is a genius. she might not have the social graces that others do but she’s going to figure out eventually what vishkar is doing, and when she does? oh man, is she gonna be PISSED.

reblogging because this is a much more eloquent elaboration on what I was trying to say in my original post. thank you so much!!