The Horde: -Leaves Theramore alone- 

 Jaina: -let’s the Alliance use Theramore to reapply Northwatch (another Alliance military base), invade Durotar, destroy Honor’s Stand, destroy Camp Taurajo, attempt an invasion of Mulgore, besiege the Crossroads- 

 The Horde: -destroys Theramore because of its strategically advantageous location for the Alliance military, which they have constantly exploited- 

 Jaina: The horde obliTERATED THERAMORE! The monsters………..cowards………….


Theramore: *acts as supply depot for Alliance, indirectly participating in the war effort against the Horde*

Horde: *nukes Theramore out of reality, takes much of the civilian populace prisoner and makes them fight each other to the death to ensure their children get fed*

Ok then.

Sorry, that’s a thing that exists, and it didn’t stop being a thing that existed, as anyone who has cleared the trash before Dark Shaman can tell you: