If the Titanic sunk today.

Because smartphones would resist the rigours of falling into the North Atlantic, apparently  

one of those people survive and sell their footage to media for shitloads of money, that’s just good business. maybe if some of yall old fucks had the internet you could have googled how to make a boat that doesn’t fuckin sink

You know what I fucking love about this fucking picture? 
When I was a kid I was fucking obsessed with the Titanic. I am talking borderline autistic special interest levels of fucking obsessed.
AND I JUST SO HAPPEN to still have my first edition copy of A Night To Remember by Walter Lord.

In this book is a small section of photographs and whatnot to do with the Titanic. And there is one particularly fucking relevant one that I have taken the liberty of snapping for you all:


This man, Leo Hyland, sat in a lifeboat and watched as the ship went down. He did this sketch because he wanted to capture that moment in an image so people would understand what happened. So that they can see what he saw in that moment. 
It is a most fundamental form of human goodness to wish to share our experiences and our feelings with others and to connect with them. It is no less noble to document your life through a smartphone than it is through a sketchpad. 
If you’re on a boat that fucking sinks and you survive? Show me your pictures to show you were there and you survived to tell your story.

Fuck these preening, pseudo-intellectual ballbags that say otherwise, because they quite clearly don’t have a fucking clue what they’re talking about other than trying to express the stance that they think they’re better than other people because they don’t have a facebook and have literally fuck all to say or show about their lives other than an inflated sense of self-importance and worth.  

Wait wait wait.
Back up.

You mean to tell me that there was a gent by the name of Leo that survived the Titanic?
Leothat happened to be an artist?…….

James Cameron’s got some explaining to do.

When the tumblr comment thread makes the original post better.