what she says: i’m fine
what she means: there was an entire expansion that was void of any real character development for the horde, and while you can argue that warlords was horde-centric, it wasn’t really, since it was only about the orcs. vol’jin had just become warchief the expansion prior, and orgrimmar was just recovering from segregation, murder, racism, police brutality, etc. etc. and the only hint that any of that stuff happened is just a plaque in the cleft of shadow and that’s it, it’s not even touched up on. furthermore, vol’jin literally did nothing but show up at your garrison for a bit in warlords, and while there was so much time to go and develop his character, none of that time was used. now, he comes back in legion just to die, but no one seems to really care about that?? yes, varian was just getting his shit together and it really sucks that he’s kicking the bucket but he went out in a blaze of glory, he went down fighting, meanwhile vol’jin got stabbed and died a slow painful death with no chance of survival. he knows from the moment that he’s stabbed that he’s going to die, and look, if you read shadows of the horde, you’ll know that there’s literally NO WAY he can come back from this. he tells sylvanas to save the horde, make sure they don’t die, and she does so. she retreats because the horde was going to die up there anyways, and this is literally vol’jin’s dying wish, and i guess that suddenly makes her a bad guy, suddenly she’s the cold heartless bitch that abandoned the alliance but nooo that’s not what happened, she did what she had to and it wasn’t even really her decision, it was vol’jin’s. she came prepared anyways to save the horde, and no one is giving her that credit. the horde got the shit end of the stick but wow we’re the big mean bad guys i guess, sylvanas is a bitch and vol’jin was useless i guess. there was so much more potential and none of it was used. but #dicksoutforvarian i guess