Death Knight: murdered and raised against their will into an unlife of suffering and servitude to a malevolent force they never wanted to be a part of or be forced to work with, suffers extreme prejudice against their unwanted abilities and existence and regularly struggles to cope with the horrors of their past actions while a part of the Scourge and their uncertain future in a world that doesn’t want them
Demon Hunter: despite all other potential avenues to hone their abilities, magic and other skills to take revenge on demons and/or fight the Legion, decided it was the best decision to make sacrifices not really necessary and use the powers of fel by choice, corrupting their bodies and possibly minds, to the horror of remaining friends and family who despise demons, taking on a mantle of suffering that they absolutely did not need to and it’s like? was being a regular hunter really not good enough? what about a mage or a druid or a warrior? if you’re hyper-specialized to hunt demons does it mean you’re no good at anything else? why would you willingly do this to yourself you don’t have a right to grump and complain about your current state or ask others what they “sacrificed” as if other classes and characters haven’t gone through great suffering and trepidation too what a bunch of assholes, just total assholes! they looked at ILLIDAN and were like “yeah I want to follow THAT example” like?????