who is running the hype team for warcraft????

why do they pick the most irrelevant mediums to generate buzz???

remember that motorcycle thing on the history channel or something????

remember when young people were like “yo this motorcycle show!!! hell yea!!”?????

no???? me too????

make an anime or something idk something that your target demographic has paid attention to within the past 10 years.

To be fair, radio dramas where all the rave last time Blizz released content for WoW.

It’s iffy – audio dramas are surprisingly popular as they’re a staple in a lot of anime fandoms and communities and western series like Welcome to Nightvale (which are extremely popular). Obviously there’s a massive audience for podcasts too but I think podcasts are way to broad and varied to make an accurate comparison to an audio drama.

I’m more likely to listen to a radio drama than watch an anime, but that’s just me.

I can download a radio drama and listen to it on my way to work. Anime takes more time than I really care to devote to watching something tbh.

OP uses the phrase ‘radio drama’ when I think they should be using the word ‘podcast’ (everything old is new again)