i hate math tests because all throughout the chapter it’s like really easy shit and then you think you’ve got it and then the test is like 

if i throw a triangle out of a car and the car is going 20 mph and wind resistance is a thing that exists, how many cupcakes can pedro buy with one human soul 

A Human soul is worth $660,326.82 according to “The devil went down to Georgia” where the Devil offers a fiddle of gold as an equal bet against a soul.

assuming a fiddle weighs about 450 grams and is primarily made out of spruce and maple. The density of spruce is 0.43 g/cm3, and the density of maple is 0.6 g/cm3. As an estimation, we’ll just average these and suppose that the average density of the material of a violin is 0.515g/cm3. so If the Fiddle weighs 450 g and has a density of 0.515 g/cm3, that means that the volume of the wood of the Fiddle is 873.8 cm3. Our hypothetical golden prize had gold in lieu of wood. So 873.8 cm3 of gold weighs 16.9 kg — almost forty pounds! — or 543.3 troy ounces. 

Since the selling price of gold today is $1215.40 per ounce that gives us our value, but as for cupcakes it’s a little harder, most cupcakes sell for $2.50 to $4.00 at a bake shop, so let’s average that to $3.25, some simple division and we get our answer

Pedro can buy 203,177 cupcakes and have $1.56 left over.

when the fuck did i do this? i have no memory of this