From now until October, I will be offering custom-made BlizzCon/convention badges! You do not have to be attending BlizzCon to purchase one, and I can do OCs/characters outside of Blizzard games too!

You can find the order info HERE, and there will be a handy link at the top of my Tumblr blog to view it as well. I am using Google Forms to make ordering as quick and timely as possible – the first page of the form has all of the order information, the second page is images of the frame options, and the third page is the actual submission portion.

I will provide updates primarily through my Twitter account, including WIPs, various announcements, and openings/closings. Since this is my first time offering badges, please bear with me while I address any issues that arise.

Reblogs are appreciated, as always! 😊

If you order a badge before August 1st, your badge will be shipped at the end of August, so order soon!